• Energy by Tesla - Revolutionary Idea for Generation and Transmission of Electric Power

    Nikola Tesla was the genius with new ideas about generation and transmission of electric power. Credited as the first person to use alternating current in the use of electricity, Tesla concentrated on the many aspects of electricity. Energy by Tesla reminds one of the huge towers he built to conduct his experiments on electricity. All his experiments were based on his conviction that many of the methods of producing electric power, including renewable energy, would be achieved by applying his Energy by Tesla methods. He wanted to create a system of transmitting electric power in bulk without using wires.

    The alternating current generator can be termed as one of the inventions of Energy by Tesla. The entire electrical industry comprising generation transmission and utilization is on the basis of alternating current only, with direct current being used only for special applications like electrolysis, electroplating etc. Energy by Tesla is not confined to his inventions alone but also refers to his path making thinking on transference of electric power from one place to another without using a conducting material.

    What Energy by Tesla did in terms of electrical utilities in the electrical field is immeasurable. The benefits of using electrical power are spread over a very vast field comprising industry, agriculture, domestic use, medical science etc. In developing countries, Energy by Tesla in the form of cheap electrical power has brightened the lives of small farmers who can use electrically operated pumps for lifting water from the wells. His development of the small eco friendly generators is now a commonly used product in many homes.

    Tesla, while doing his experiments for new inventions, did not have any target growth in mind. Energy by Tesla is for universal use. You would wish his ideas and experiments to transmit electrical power from one place to another through air had been appreciated in those days. He had to abandon many of his experiments of Energy by Tesla due to lack of finance. If only his efforts had succeeded electricity would be costing a small fraction of what it is now.

    Energy by Tesla is the forerunner to the present day efforts to produce green electrical power. The world benefited from his invention of the A/C generator which has stood the test of time with its immense applications. One wishes that his other great idea of using earth as an electricity conducting medium to transfer electricity through air was not abandoned due to inadequate finance. By any standards, Energy by Tesla is unique.



    Energy by Tesla is unique especially when you consider when it was first taken up and offered as an idea. It is a must to be considered for saving as much money as possible.


    Energy by Tesla has not so far received any cons that have been brought to light though it is yet to be used in very large quantities. The concept also has not brought out any cons. 




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    Energy by Tesla is something which requires more study and experiments to make it have a more widespread use all over the world. Still, there is no risk for individuals as there is unconditional money back guarantee for you within 60days.

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