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    There are two reasons people usually have for trying to convert their cars from gas or petrol to electricity. One is the skyrocketing prices of crude in the international market and the other, the increasing awareness about global warming due to exhaust fumes from automobiles. Convert 2 EV is a website providing guidance to all those who are interested in converting their cars from gas to electricity. There are several guides in the internet but Convert 2 EV is the most comprehensive of them all covering all aspects of the work. Many workshops undertake this job but doing it yourself is lot more fun and more economical.

    Converting your car to run on electricity is not only ideal but also simple work. However, it means thoroughly reading and following the various steps outlined in Convert 2 EV. The work consists essentially of changing over to an electric motor from the mechanically driven method. It also means running the car motor on a battery which requires upgrading so as to supply power of 150km run before a recharge.  Convert 2 EV gives you guidance for planning, procurement of materials, assembly and trial run.

    Changeover from gas to electricity using Convert 2 EV benefits the environment the most. Apart from reducing global warming emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere by the car totally stopping any emission, you make a considerable savings in gas bills as the owner of the car. Also, the electric motor directly coupled with the gear box means less maintenance. The use of an electric motor as per Convert 2 EV gives the entire car a cleaner look and moreso, driving can be done without jerking.

    Using Convert 2 EV is sure method of ensuring that you have an eco friendly car and you can proudly say you are doing your bit to preserve the ecology and prevent pollution. For the DIY people ever eager to work at home, doing the job using guidelines from Convert 2 EV is a matter of great joy and fun. The joy of doing something with your hands and the result turning out to be satisfactory is something that is great.

    Convert 2 EV is of enormous use considering the wonderful guidelines, the reasonable price and the support structure to all people including workmen who do the actual conversion work. With bonuses like eBooks on renewable energy systems, Convert 2 EV is a favorite of all people. These books are as good as the guidelines you get as the conversion work with projects are very practical.




    Convert 2 EV is one of the few DIY guidelines which are very practical and simple to follow. There is a saving on the running cost of the vehicle and it is emission free, keeping the environmental clean. 



    Convert 2 EV is at its initial stage and as the days go by, the cost of electric cars will come down. At present, there may be some hiccups while running the car and the fact that very few garages are equipped to attend to them may be a problem.




    Customer Reviews:


    Convert 2EV is increasingly being tried out and customers are giving very positive feedbacks of which below are few of them:


    “Dear Les,
    Thanks for the email support that you provided to see us through. My wife now has a great vehicle for going to work and doing the shopping around town. Perfect...”
    - Wilf, Florida


    Just finished our project car. The Toyota you suggested worked great. It feels so good to drive by those gas stations. Our range per charge is just over 100 miles, which is great. We are already working on our second conversion!”
    - Steve, Toronto, Canada


    “Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to let you know that I bought this book as a gift for a friend. Before sending it to him, I took a peek at it myself and all I can say is wow! Your passion for electric vehicles really jumps to life on the pages. Now you have me planning my own conversion this summer!”

    - Michael B., Boulder, Colorado



    Bottom Line:

    Convert 2 EV is a very good development and in the long run, it will become the future mode of transport. Furthermore, with unconditional money back guarantee, there is no risk in trying it.

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